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Salt Delivery Program 

Our salt bucket program is designed to provide convenient and efficient delivery of salt directly to your home or business located in Norfolk County within 24 hours of ordering. We offer both regular and eco salt options, packaged in sealed 50-pound buckets for easily handling and storage. 

Simply place your order , and we will ensure your salt is delivered to our doorstep or preferred location. 

At the end of the season or whenever you no longer require the buckets we will pick them up and return the $3 bucket deposit. This fee helps us ensure the sustainability of our Salt Bucket Program and allows us to continue providing efficient and reliable service. 


Bucket Lid Opener

Anti Rust, made of thick quality plastic. Ergonomic design puts less stress on hands and arms. 

$8 Each. Random Color 

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Pet Friendly, Eco Salt

A more environmentally and pet friendly option. Eco Salt melts snow & ice on contact up to -35 degrees C. Creating an anti-ice barrier. 

Available in 50+ lb buckets. 

$35 / per bucket + $3 bucket deposit. 

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Regular Salt

Bulk Salt is a highly effective and cost effective way to combat icy conditions. Melting up to -30 degrees C. 

Available in 50+ lb buckets. 

$25 / per bucket + $3 bucket deposit.    226-970-2436

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